brendan carr

Brendan Carr

Brendan Carr trained at Stagecoach School of Performing Arts while attending regular school at The Grange in his home town of Aylesbury.

He began his Acting career playing a role in a film short called Pure Vengeance alongside Scott Adkins and Gordon Alexander. He then starred in BBC 2s Masters of Combat as Master Kalis (Rachel Grant) disciple. He later went on to play Max Ryan in Jesus The Curry king alongside Pooja Shah, The film was produced by Aylesbury film company and was one of the first films to be screened digitally across cinemas in the UK via Quantum digital.

In 2006-2007 Carr was offered yet another great movie break playing Jason in Rise of the foot soldier alongside Craig Fairbrass, Terry Stone, Billy Murry, Ian Virgo and Rikki Harnett. Rise of the foot soldier received a cinematic release in cinemas worldwide in September 2007.

After finishing filming on Rise of the footsoldier in 2007 carr went straight in to filming Action movie Ten Dead Men where he played the lead character Ryan with Terry Stone. Carr also worked as an associate Producer on the film and was responsible for a large part of the production and making of the movie, the film went onto sell 75,000 copies in its first 6 months of release of the shelf in the UK it since then was released worldwide.

In Warrioress, Brendan plays the rogue leader of the raiders Lord Tethryn.

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