christian howard

Christian Howard

Born in 1984, English actor Christian Howard has been steadily progressing within the film industry addinng experience infront and behind the camera with every new endeavour. With a physical background in martial arts, sports and gymnastics, Christian has performed his own action in all his projects becoming increasingly involved in the filmaking proces and fulfilling numerous roles as well as acting on projects, including fight choreography, directing, writing and utilising a background in design for storyboarding.

Having worked on stage, film and TV, Christian is a versatile actor, appearing in popular TV shows as well as starring in independent feature films, he has also provided vocals on film sountracks.

His most recent performance (exculding Warrioress) is bringing Ken Masters to life in the short film "Street Fighter Legacy" - a real passion project for Christian, a life long fan of the game. He and long time friend Joey Ansah penned the script together as well as choreographing all the action, storyboarding the entire short and Christian was heavily involved in the all the creative aspects from conception to completion.

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