helen steinway bailey

Helen Bailey

Multi skilled stunt woman Helen Bailey first began her training at 13 she took up gymnastics. An interest in martial arts followed and a 19 year old Helen went to Japan where she studied Okinawan Karate for two years. Following on from this, she travelled to China to learn traditional Wu Shu.

On her return to England she began training for the stunt register, qualifying in martial arts, high diving, gymnastics, horse riding, trampolining, and swimming. She also began training in modern Wu Shu and won the British Championship.

Helen then became one of the main performers in Babes with Blades.

Since qualifying for the stunt register she has been in constant demand working on Hollywood films including Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribean, Prince of Persia, and Sherlock Holmes. She is also the stunt double for Natalie Portman and Rachel Macadam as well as acting herself in the television programme 'Trial and Retribution' and the movie 'The Big I Am.'

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