zara phythian

Zara Pythian

Zara Phythian, a former 13 times multi style sports martial arts champion was actually spotted for film in the USA whilst she was competing and winning 4 US National Belt Titles at one event.

Returning to the US for an independent Sci Fi movie, Zara soon found the acting bug and retired from International competition

Zara continues to rise as one of the UK's new exciting talents in film and tv, now honing her studies in drama to compliment her world class skills in martial arts and action performance. Currently working in TV, Music Video and Feature Film, Zara also finds time as a successful business woman running two martial arts businesses through the PBA and Z Factor Systems as well serving as a board director for the independent Great Britain Martial Arts Team.

Zara is also one of the main performers in 'Babes With Blades'.

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